ENERGIE and healing  from Cosmos for Roberto please!!


Miki Zamboni 

Dear Maria , i search you only in the moments very dangerous , sorry for this! https://www.facebook.com/roberto.zolezzi?fref=ts Roby is at hospital again , the situation isn't good , his body /heart are not in a good state, he is mind strong and deep soul man!But it is not possible at the moment do anything of really important.. doctors can not install the pacemaker for the heart, they did not know if he can endure anesthesia, they speak of heart transplant but he is very very weak.We are all praying and as always I ask your help energy for my dear friend. Sorry again, I am able to ask for and i give little .. I have great respect for you, with your help, a hug ciao



Please i need help for Roberto!!


Energie please: from God and the Cosmos FOR ROBERTO!!!

Let´s have healing energie for him!

i will send my love to him, for being well healthy and happy once more!   for a long live!!!


Maria Pagal(R)


  I go on to send Energieeeeee  for Roberto!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria Pagal(R)


Montag 10.12.12


  • Miki Zamboni

    i love my friend Maria ...always THANK YOU , Roby is out of the intense therapy,heart pulses with a stimulator and he is living , now the situation has a little light more visible at the horizon. KISS

  • Maria Pagal


    thanks for Information
    thanks for Love









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